Our Mission

We empower Dallas County tenants to maintain housing security by providing pro bono legal assistance.

The Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center serves tenants facing housing insecurity. Our services include providing pro bono legal advice and representation, housing assistance, rent relief and a clearinghouse of tenant and eviction information. DEAC assists all Dallas County tenants regardless of income, race, immigration status, or native language.


Vision Statement and Guiding Principles

The Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center is here to assist tenants facing eviction in Dallas County, Texas. Our goal is to ensure the rights of tenants are protected through the provision of passionate and committed lawyers at no cost. We will not accept funding with strings attached that restrict who we can assist based on income or immigration status. Our focus is on one thing, and one thing only – seek housing justice by helping those in need stay in their homes.

We aspire to be nimble and efficient in our approach, and will strive to avoid any form of unnecessary administrative process that burdens our singular, primary objective. Our approach is to use the power we possess for the benefit of those who have none, and we will do so with a fervor bordering on the fanatical.

Justice is not the default position of our society. Its existence is dependent on enduring and extraordinary efforts from lawyers, who are entrusted with a duty to preserve and uphold the law. We are committed, as lawyers, to this first principle of ensuring justice under the law for our neighbors.