Pro Bono Legal Advice for Dallas County Tenants Facing Eviction

We empower Dallas County tenants to maintain housing security by providing free legal assistance.

The Dallas Eviction Advocacy Center serves tenants in Dallas county facing eviction. Our services include providing pro bono legal advice and representation. DEAC assists all Dallas County tenants regardless of income, race, immigration status, or native language.

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Resources for Tenants

For a landlord in Texas to remove you from your home, they must go through a formal legal proceeding to receive something called a “writ of possession.” This is a law suit filed in the Justice of the Peace Court for the precinct where you live. But before they can file that law suit, state law requires that certain notices be given to you.


Resources for Attorneys

Lawyers are the guardians of the people’s rights. We encourage all lawyers to assist tenants in need. If you need some pro bono cases, reach out. We’ll assign you a case, train you, and assist you from start to finish. Find training material and other resources here.